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The Band Members

Here are some fairly recent photos and information about the current band members.

Al Drage

Guitarist Al Drage played his first job in the summer of 1952 in Green Valley, Wisconsin and worked with several different bands at that time. In 1955, Al moved to New Ulm (Minnesota) and began playing for Fezz Fritsche. They played 300 jobs a year !! He also worked for Elmer Sheid, Babe Wagner, Al Pierson and Guy Deleo. Al spent twenty years with Maynard & Darlene Rucks and the King 70 Country Band. Al joined the Larry Olsen Band in about 2011.

Dale Tolk

Guitarist/trumpeter Dale Tolk started playing the trumpet in the 5th grade. He learned a lot of old time songs playing with his Dad, Don, who plays accordion. Dale played with The Marv Nissel Band for a few years and then in 1987, Dale joined THE LARRY OLSEN BAND playing trumpet, guitar and vocals. Dale retired in 1995 but returned to THE LARRY OLSEN BAND in 2005. Dale lives with his wife, Donna, in Brookings, South Dakota.

Rich Roepke

Trumpeter Richard Roepke started playing trumpet in 1974 and throughout his high school years. In 1982, Rich started playing with the Marv Nissel band but retired until returning to the 12TH ANNUAL MUSIC FEST in 2006. Since returning, he has been playing full time with the Larry Olsen Band and he prefers playing harmony parts with his trumpet and vocals. Rich lives in Arlington, Minnesota. 

Larry Olsen

.Bandleader Larry Olsen owns seven Hengel concertinas and has lived in the Lake Benton (Minnesota) area his entire life; now living only 2 miles from the farm where he grew up. At age 11 Larry started playing concertina. Before forming his own band in 1982, (THE LARRY OLSEN SHOW), Larry played guitar with THE MARV NISSEL BAND. In 1984, Larry's dad, Arnold, joined Larry's band as drummer and Larry's sister, Lisa, played piano. Larry later added a guitar and horn player when Lisa left for college. When Larry isn't busy with his band, his 2,000 acre farming operation located just east of Lake Benton occupies most of his time. Larry's wife, Brenda, also keeps busy owning Perfect Styles in Marshall along with Larry's sister Lisa, and helping in the fall with the farming.

Every Memorial Day weekend, Larry and Brenda sponsor and host a four day ANNUAL MUSIC FEST at their farm with the aid of about thirty volunteers.

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